Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Can't Sleep

For father's day my mother decided to redo my little brothers old room (he now resides in my old room) and turn it into dad's office. While this is great for him because he desperatly needs one its bad for my sleeping schedule. I'm one of those people who has to finish something no matter how long it takes, in one setting. Because of this I stayed up all day yesterday and crashed at 8 in the morning. Since I slept in till 2 I cannot go to sleep now. So in the midst of all my sleepiness I believe its time to post some more pictures.

The theme for these projects are REUSE and RECYCLE!

I sure do love my inner hippy-ness


The first thing is a sun catcher I made! I really loved the way this turned out. This lovely will have a new place on my balcony of my apartment!

Recycled Materials:

  1. Bottle Caps

  2. Old CD

  3. Wrapping Paper

  4. Old Book Pages

    *TOP VIEW*

Bottle Cap view

Record Clock

I made this for my dad on Father's Day. He works with computers so this was a really cute concept for his new office! He had an old keyboard that he was throwing out so I took all the keys off of it. Looking back now I wished I would have kept the whole thing, who knows what could be made out of it!

  1. Record

  2. Computer Keyboard

  3. Book Paper

    Key Board Frame

    I had a TON of leftover keys so I decided to make a keyboard frame for my dad. Im a little sad that I dont have enough letters to make one for myself.

A Book Shelf.....

I had a shelf that was attached to a mirror which happend to break all on its own (so my siblings say,) insted of chunking it I detached the shelf. I also decided to keep the mirror since it was only slightly cracked (I know, I know, Im a pack rat.) I bought some vintage books from GoodWill a couple of monthes ago and I fell in love with the pictures. So once again my trusty friend mod podge came to my aid to help me creat this cute shelf!

Okay so its been awhile.......

Whoooooooops! I told myself I would keep up this blog but as you can see (or myself as I am not sure if there are any "you's," I havent done that. I guess Im just too much of a nerd to study, read, craft and have a blog. On the plus side since its summer I have been crafting ALOT and I do mean ALOT. I seriously believe im the reason Micheals stays in business! The bad news though is I will be leaving in seven days for an ROTC camp which means a month of NO CRAFTS and NO INTERNET *gasp* which means I cant check all my favorite craft blogs! NOOOO! But untill then you better believe I will be crafting my sweet tush off!


They are here!

I have A TON of pictures so for now im just posting a few.

I've burned myself out on sewing because I sew everything by hand (I need a good machine but lack the funds as of now.) So lately I've wanted to craft things using paint and of course two of my best friends, hot glue and mod podge!
It's birthday and graduation season so instead of giving a storebought gift I decided to make my friends pretty letters! Not only is it cheap it also is a gift they will cherish for a long time!

This one was created for my friend Leah. You will have to excuse the crappy images Im currently rooming with my sister so that means no space to take photos.

The paper is by Martha stewart which I got for a dollar, gotta love the clearance section!!

This one is also Martha Stewart wrapping paper. I created this for my friend Lauren who just had a birthday. She used to dance for 13years and has one of the biggest music collections known to man!

This was created for my mother as a late Mother's day gift. I wanted to do more for her but to my suprised she loved this more than any of her other gifts!

This was created for my little sister. Being a teenager and sharing your room with your weird, older sister can be rough but she's been awesome! The bee might seem random but when she was five she had a bee costume for halloween and whenever I think of her I always remember how happy she was being a bee. I believe that was her Winnie the Pooh phase also, who doesn't love Pooh though?

After making all the letters for everyone else I decided to make one for myself! I used the same paper as before and hopefully when I get into my new apartment this will go in my craft/workout room!

This was created for my brother's friend. He hasent seen it yet but Im hopping is looks boyish enough.
This is one of my favorites besides the first one I created (which I forgot to take a picture of). I created this for my boyfriend the color is really black with faded gold writing. I LOVE IT! He was with me to pick out the paper so I think he will be pleased!
Thats all for now!