Thursday, September 22, 2011

Try it Thursdays- An apple pie adventure

I must confess I LOVE to try new things! I've never been a "Lets read the instructions and figure out a plan" kind of girl, when it comes to new things. I want to jump in feet first and see how it turns out. I've come to realize that's probably the reason why I'm such a terrible cook. Having the attention span of a goldfish doesn't help either (it's a wonder I made it through nursing school!) How did the apple pie come in you ask? Here's how my brain works. I'm sitting around working on something, enter internal monologue.

Brain: Ello lovely! (did I mention my internal monologue is British? Well it is, and not modern British. We're talking Agatha Christie novel British.) For every ones sake I'll write it normally. I don't want y'all to think I'm totally bonkers.

Wow, this anime is great, I wish I had an outfit like hers, maybe I could sew one? Speaking of sewing I need to paint my sewing case. I wonder if that apple red is really the shade I want. I wish I could pick apples, it looks like fun. I can't wait until thanksgiving, then I could have apple pie. You know I've never made apple pie. I'm going to make an apple pie today!

Bam! The search for an apple pie recipe begins. I found a delicious looking one via Craftzine: Apple Pie Three Ways I cheated and bought pie crust mix instead of using Katie Goodmans pie crust recipe (if you haven't been to her blog Good Life Eats I command you to stop what you're doing and GO THERE NOW!) After gathering all the ingredients I set out to make the pie only to find out I didn't have a rolling pin. Since it was 10:00 PM and I didn't feel like going to the store I improvised and smooshed the dough with my hands. Word of advice, just get the rolling pin. I ended up running out of dough so my pie is more stripped then lattice. It tasted wonderful!! Who cares if its pretty, I made it and I didn't burn anything! Here's the final product.
See the ONE small sad "lattice" piece?
The Hubbs helped me finish it off even though he hates apple pie. So yeah, it was THAT good!

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